Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour

John is a huge fan of beer and knows his way around all of the local breweries. He will be more than happy to take you around some of the more popular ones or can customize to suit your taste-buds. Let him know at the time of booking that you are interested. Rates vary by group numbers and season.

Nelson is quietly regarded as the Craft Brewing Capital of New Zealand. With it’s rich history there are several founding brewing families still based here and their legacies can be found like hidden gems on a taste bud tantalizing treasure hunt. Dotted amongst these are the new bastions of hop – taking the age old traditions of brewing and creating new art.

As far back as the 1840’s Early German settlers in Sarau found the Moutere and surrounding areas to be an ideal location and climate to cultivate hops. Since then the area has produced a plethora of both well known drops and some secret successes. From national namesakes Mac’s and Old Mout (if Cider is your thing) to local darlings Sprig & Fern and Golden Bear – Nelson has more breweries per capita then anywhere in New Zealand.

The tour ensures to cover all the bases but does not cater to any particular taste – you will experience a range of pale ales and lagers.
Covering five breweries – all of varying history and prowess; you will come away feeling you have experienced the true Craft Brew Capital of New Zealand.
All tastings are included in the ticket price, a minimum of two attendees is required to run the tour. Meals are not included in the price but a lunch stop will be made mid-tour.
Time-allowing – we may also visit one of the Nelsons iconic Brew Bars.

For more information and booking inquiries head to our main Tours page.

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