Your Hosts

Your Hosts

(From Left) Nigel, Jessie and John

(From Left) Nigel, Jessie and John

Kia Ora (Hi) !

My name is John and my partner is Nigel.  We moved to Nelson in October of 2015 from Auckland.  John is originally from Auckland and grew up there, whereas Nigel is from Wales but moved to Auckland in the early 90’s.

We visited Nelson for a weekend and fell in love with the place!  Deciding to roll a six and get out of the rat-race to settle in this beautiful character home. However, the first thing we thought upon moving in was that we simply had to share this with others who loved a good character house or history in general.  After all, New Zealand is quite young in comparison to a lot of countries around the world and so having a home so rich in the past is a treasure!

John is an avid Beer and Hockey (Ice) fan, he is more than happy to suggest some local breweries, pubs to visit or if you would like he can take you on his personal brewery tour (please let us know in advance of your booking as this requires co-coordinating with the breweries for timings).

Nigel is Music Director of not only New Zealand but International renown and is also a great lover and collector of antiques; adorning our home with relics from the past is his pride and joy.

Our dog, Jessie, is a rescue pup from the SPCA – she is very good natured, loves to play fetch with kids and like all dogs – being pampered on the regular. We do hope you are also fond of dogs but if not – no worries; we can keep our living area separate from your own.

We also have a cat named Tommy – he is from a rescue home. We think he is between 10-12 years old but aren’t quite sure. He loves to chill out and sleep in the garden.

Both Jessie and Tommy rarely go down the Delft Quarters area of the house – but if you would like their company; they are also happy to oblige (except maybe Jess – she is a bit shy and a bit of a Daddy’s girl sometimes).

If alternatively you would prefer human company – either Nigel or myself are happy to offer advice on local attractions or things to do; life stories are available on request but are not essential reading.

Or if you would prefer no company at all – that is completely fine also. Guests staying in the Delft Quarters have their own access to the house through the De Rijp lounge and we can bring your breakfast to you in the lounge without a worry.

Over all – we wish you the very best for your stay and sincerely hope we see you again.


John and Nigel

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